Alot of people just cannot get going in the morning without their daily shot of coffee. There are several different types of coffee machines that can you make that first pot of coffee and they all have their good sides and not so good sides.

Types Of Coffee Machines

Probably the most basic type of coffee machine that many will remember from their childhood is the percolator. This machine isn’t really complex. There is a pot, with a small built in metal filter and basket with a tube going from the bottom of the pot up into the basket. When the water in the body of the pot boils, the water is drawn up the tub into the basket of coffee. As the boiling water rolls through the coffee grounds, coffee is made. These were originally built to be placed directly on a burner on the stove but today they are built for counter top use and are plugged in.

An automatic drip coffee machine is probably the most common today. These sit on your countertop and include a glass carafe for the coffee to drip into. There is a warming plate under the carafe to keep the coffee warm. Water is placed into the reservoir, and after the coffee machine is switched on, the water is forced through the basket area where the coffee grounds are placed in a filter. These are very simple to use and make a decent pot of coffee.

The newest coffee machine on the market today is the pod system. Each coffee machine has its own specific brand of pod and that is the only type of pod that can be used in that specific machine. The pods themselves come in a fairly wide variety of flavors so it is not hard to find the coffee you like. Often a pod will produce one cup of coffee, which is great if you only want a single cup of coffee. If you like having an entire pot at hand, a pod coffee machine may not be the best machine for you.

Finding a coffee machine that works best for you won’t be very hard. There are a fairly wide variety of coffee machines on the market and many have very nice features that you may pay extra for, but are probably worth it. Imagine waking up in the morning to a fresh, full carafe of coffee just waiting for you. All you have to do is find a good coffee machine and you’ll be all set.