For those on the go, a travel coffee maker can be an ideal appliance for the home. The brewer is designed to hold travel mugs and can brew enough fresh coffee to fill one, and with some units, two cups of coffee.

The travel mugs sold with the travel coffee maker are usually insulated with manufacturers understanding the purpose of the machines is to brew coffee for travel. Since travel mugs are taller than most coffee cups, the machines are built to accommodate them.

Prices vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, the style and design with prices ranging from just under twenty dollars up to a few hundred dollars. All travel coffee makers, however, work basically the same. A cup’s worth of water is placed in the reservoir, coffee is placed in the basket, it is turned on and coffee is brewed into the mug.

Some of the less expensive travel coffee maker models require the use of a paper filter and coffee grounds, while others costing a little more may have a permanent metal filter or allow the use of coffee pods, small filters sealing in a measured amount of coffee, allowing for consistent brewing.

Other Uses For Coffee Makers

Since a travel coffee maker is designed to brew a specific amount of water at a time, used without the coffee grounds can produce clear, hot water for use in tea, hot chocolate or other drinks requiring hot water. It can also be used for those quick meals that only require the addition of hot water, without the need for heating on the stove or in a microwave.

There are a few travel coffee makers on the market, which can be used while traveling, but the dangers of plugging one into a power spot in your vehicle and making hot coffee while driving may outweigh the benefits. However, since the travel coffee maker is small it can be taken on the road and used in motel or hotel rooms to satisfy your craving while on a business trip or on vacation.

Some folks have been advised, for health reasons, to limit their caffeine intake and not appreciating the taste of decaffeinated coffee use a travel coffee maker to make the single cup to reduce temptation of drinking an entire pot of 10 or 12 cups. Although they can make as many single cups as they wish, it often forces tem to cut down.