The vacuum coffee maker besides making excellent coffee, is now whetting the curiosity of all those who have not seen one before. The machine has two big chambers enclosed in a big glass kettle which gurgles sweetly in the background.

How Do You Make Coffee In A Vacuum Coffee Maker

The method to prepare coffee in a vacuum coffee maker is relatively a very simple process. All you have to do is fill the required amount of water in the firing chamber, add the coffee, and then plug it in. It is wonderful then to see it come alive with bubbles. It is supposed to boil within a few minutes, but sometimes it takes a little longer.

The coffee starts boiling within about 30-40 seconds, then the water will move through a pipe and spill over the coffee available in the other chamber. From there, after boiling some more, the coffee will be expelled into cups or glasses as you would like it.

Contraindications of Using the Vacuum Coffee Maker

  1. The vacuum coffee maker should never be used half full. Though it does boil the coffee when it is only half or less, it may spoil the coffee maker or short circuit it if the water level gets too low. The vacuum coffee maker would function best only when it is full to the brim.
  2. Do not use the lower chambers for adding coffee or tea directly. When you do that, the chambers get stained very badly.
  3. Always check your fitter size before you make the coffee. Many vacuum coffee makers will have a very small size filter which will allow you to add fine coffee powder only. Sometimes, when the filter size is larger, you could use roughly ground coffee beans.

This coffee maker is very beautiful when it is in function. When the water moves up and then falls on the coffee powder in the second chamber, its beauty is fascinating. Besides, it gives a continuous tiny gurgling noise, which makes you feel very comfortable.

Whenever you make coffee with this type of coffee maker, everybody would appreciate both the taste and the way you make coffee. Not only that, the vacuum coffee maker can keep your coffee warmed up for more than 3-4 hours, hence if anyone likes to have a few cups along the way, that too is possible.